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When I returned with the tea, the big claw-foot tub was filled with warm, steamy suds that smelled like herbs, strawberry, and heaven.

I was surprised to see that she was not as old as I had thought, maybe thirty rather than my initial thought of sixty-ish. I set the tray on a handy stand and we chatted as she served me tea graciously, managing to keep herself well-hidden in the tub.

I was about to pull away when she managed to chatter out that she needed her cane and cat.

I saw the cane not too far from the car, but the cat was nowhere to be seen.

I grabbed the cane and was startled by a black streak that jumped in the car to settle on her lap. I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital, but she just wanted to go back to her nearby home. As an overweight middle-aged guy, this had been more physical activity than I was used to. I prepared a warm bath, then went off to help in other ways.

I tossed the smelly wet clothes in the washer, and made a tray of hot tea and cookies without quite worrying about how I knew to do all this.

She pulled my unresisting face to hers and kissed me deeply- tongue and all.

Meaden — presumably dressed like Bruce Willis‘ character from the film — kept things more buttoned up in a bright shirt, combat boots, and a slightly larger toy space gun.

She slipped my clothes off with a little mindless help from me and we fell into her thick mattress. I caressed her heavy breasts and stroked her curved sides.

I ran my rough hand on her smooth belly to feel it twitch in response.

I pulled the poor soul towards the shore then helped her slide/crawl out of the water.

I managed to wrestle the older woman to my car where I got my spare blanket over and cranked the heat.

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